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GaryG in MD
I also purchased two drive belts for my Jet 1236 because the last one I purchased (from an independent source, below) shredded in about a year of little use. The original lasted 15 years. I suspect the usual poor quality replacement parts we see in automotive and other venues.

I purchased one from eReplacementParts.com for $19+
I purchased a backup from Jet for $19 when I bought the cap.

The first belt just came in the mail today. The real cardboard packaging sleeve has a totally different part number printed directly on it. The Jet/Wilton number was on a small sticky label pasted on the back to indicate that this is actually the part I ordered.

I just did an "equivalence" check on the real package number and found that I could have bought it from V belt Global Supply LLC for $1.21. Live and learn.

So for you Jet 1236 owners out there, your Reeves drive belt is actually a 3L230, also sold as a Gates Truflex 1230. A number of suppliers have them listed for under $5.
The one that failed after a year was from eReplacementParts. Now you see why I bought a spare.

The cap from Jet was $22.55 + tax + s/h, which I suppose will seem fair until I get a look at the real part number and look for the equivalent. :-p

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on the other hand...
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Thanks, Mike
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