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praise where it's due

GaryG in MD
All of a sudden my 16-year-old Jet 1236 is having starting problems.
I called the Jet Tech number and got immediate and excellent assistance.
The Rep told me to check the centrifugal switch contacts (I didn't even know it had one) and how to do it. He also said it could be the starting cap (my expectation). Both equally likely.

He sent me to customer service where I purchased a new starter cap JIC. A lot cheaper than the one I recently put into my a/c compressor!

I went out and took the motor apart and found the switch to be absolutely, completely, totally clean. Amazing. Not bad for a 16-y-o lathe. Obviously well designed.

So I'll replace the cap in a few days. Meanwhile, the lathe is "intermittent" -- it'll still start sometimes.

It's easy to complain about bad service, so I'm praising the very good service I just got from Jet/Wilton. ...GG

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