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Re: Having a chain saw does not make you a lumber

Thanks for this link. WOW!!! Did any of these guys (gals wouldn't be so stupid) actually think their process through?

I've dropped more than a few trees that were leaning toward my house/barn or some other important thing when they really wanted to hit it. I was always able to pull the tree at least 90° from where it wanted to go. Ropes, pulleys, chains, carefull planing and all went well. Dropped right where I wanted. Often overlooked, you have to be careful planning where the butt goes.

It's geometry and non-stretch couplings - or at least ones that you can shorten very quickly as the tree drops, and solid attachment points.

I've done big limb drops while in the tree and I don't like it. If possible, I drop the whole tree and deal with it on the ground, where I'm comfortable. I'd rather climb and set chain than drop limbs.

I'm not one to ever say "Hold my beer and watch this!" Since I can't drink and I'm not a tree guy. Just someone whose Father only ever said "How" never "Can I"

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