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Phil Brown

GaryG in MD
I'm posting this message to alert everyone about the status of Phil Brown. Phil is AAW Member #105, and he was recently honored with one of the Member Profiles for the 30-year anniversary. Among many things, he is also the Founder of Montgomery County Woodturners in Rockville Maryland and recently received a prestigious County Executive Lifetime Impact Award for his vision. I'm extremely sad and unhappy to have to report that Phil is in hospice.

There is a Caring Bridge site set up for him here: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/philfbrown#wellwishes
To post, you will have to create an account with an email address and PW, but it’s easy and works well. If you see more than one Phil Brown, the one you want is Phil F.

If you know Phil, I encourage you to take this opportunity to post your recollections and reflections for Phil and for us all. I owe Phil many of the connections and pleasures that I have enjoyed in the woodturning community.

If you haven't met him, this is a good chance for you to read and learn more about the extraordinary life of this caring gentleman and hard-working artist who pushes us all to greater heights, by example and with the organization of many gallery shows.

Phil has continued to turn and to organize as long as possible, with help from his friends and dear wife Barbara Wolanin.

Please post your remembrances on the Caring Bridge site for him to see.

Gary Guenther
MCW President Emeritus

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