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Angel ornaments *PIC*

john lucas
I'm doing a demo for our Crossville club next wednesday on making these Angel Christmas tree ornaments. I decided to play some more with the JoSanjo paints and found a really novel way to make it stand out. The paints show up better over black that over wood color so on the one on the left I mask off the piece, cut out the zig zag and then spray it black. then apply the JoSanjo Irridescent paints.
I thought I would try using my wood burner to darken patches and see how it looks. I tried some squares with shaders and some with tiny dots. The tiny dots leave a look like beads after you put the irridescent paints on. So I thought on of my ornaments would be decorated like Indian beadwork.

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Angel ornaments *PIC*
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Thanks John. *NM*
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