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More fun with mirrors and pens *PIC*

john lucas
Turned a purple heart inlay mirror. Won't do that again. You can't bend purple heart. I tried boiling it for an hour to help and still barely got the smallest diameter bent. There were actually small gaps where I simply couldn't get the clamps to pull it tight. fortunately they don't show to any but the very tightest inspection. One wood had the words G on it and the other had Goncalo Alves written on it. don't think they are the same wood although both turned beautifully
Each year our club sells pens for the charity of our choice. I don't turn pens often and never in production but needed to turn some for the club. I can see where they might be money makers but I just don't enjoy turning them. This was about 3 hours work if that much.

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More fun with mirrors and pens *PIC*
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