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Turn Around for Veterans

Tom Lightner
San Diego Woodturners (SDWT) sponsors a program called Turn Around for Veterans where the VETERANS turn the pens! This program, now in it's tenth year, was started during the Iraq war as a means of mental and physical therapy for our Nations' best undergoing treatment at the Naval Medical Center, San Diego. Founded by two of our members, Nan Bushley, retired Navy nurse and Dr. Ken Roth, retired orthopedic surgeon, the effort subsequently expanded to the Wounded Warrior Battalion, Camp Pendleton and the Veterans Affairs ASPIRE Care Center in San Diego. Supported by donations from numerous sources, the program is offered to veterans at these sites free of charge. Basic turning techniques are taught by experienced SDWT volunteers making pens then advance to bottle stoppers, small bowls and other items, including acrylic pens and stoppers. The program has won wide praise from the medical community for it's special effectiveness in treating post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) which have become all to common on the counter terrorism battle field. For more information visit the sdwt.org website

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