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bed posts and pens *PIC*

john lucas
A friend asked me to make some sort of duplicate bed posts. He's making a footboard to match the headboard. These were a pain to cut. They are 39" long but for some reason wanted to flex really bad even with light cuts. I put my steady rest on and that made it much more enjoyable to turn. They aren't exact duplicates. He said it wasn't necessary and wanted them to look hand turned instead of machine done so I just took rough depth cuts and then turned the shapes by eye.
Our club turns pens to sell at Christmas to raise money for whatever charity we choose. I turned these 9 yesterday morning. I'll do the other one and 10 more in the next few weeks. Have to take time off to travel to Roanoke Va to do a couple of demos.
I also turned 6 ornaments for the other club for their charity fundraiser. Let those get out without a photo.

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bed posts and pens *PIC*
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