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Re: Avoiding Tearout, Lamp base question.

Mike Stafford
I am always hesitant to make this recommendation because people sometimes aren't capable of doing what I suggest because of their turning skills. No one should ever turn at a speed at which they feel unsure of themselves.

Increasing the speed of the piece sometimes improves the quality of the cut.

Recently I have been turning a lot of layered bowls which are similar to what your lamp base sounds like. There are multiple woods involved in my blanks so not only is the grain changing but so is the density/nature of each layer. I find I am constantly changing the speed to improve the cut but I also find it necessary to change the angle of attack with whatever tool I am using. Sometimes a smaller tool will yield a better cut. Rather than using a bowl gouge I have been using a detail gouge with a shorter grind.

I also find that on occasion an application of some finish can improve the quality of cut.

In other words, all of the above. I don't know of one single answer that works for the situation you describe.

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