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Delta 46-460 Midi Lathe

Tom Lightner
I have become very frustrated of late trying to find new Delta 46-460 lathes in the marketplace. The few I have located are being offered at grossly inflated prices. i had been purchasing these lathes through Home Depot and Lowes that includes free shipping. Neither of the these stores have the lathes available for on line ordering.
I have had very vague responses from Delta Machinery Inc. that range from: back ordered from factories in Taiwan due to shipping delays to not enough available except for special order customers to not enough available until after September 2018. What is the real story? Is Delta withholding the lathes to drive up the prices?
So my question is: Is anyone else having this problem? I have a large number of these lathes in use for a woodturning program for veterans in the San Diego area. Some of these lathes need to be replaced and I do not wish to switch to another brand of lathe for several reasons of no concern here.
Thanks for any insights!

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