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Re: Suitable species for a goblet?

john lucas
Any close grained wood should work. It's the finishing that makes it truely work. My friend Jim Rinde has been doing experiments and has found the best finish to date. Soak the inside with thin CA. He pours some in and spreads it around with a plastic glove on his hand. Then wipes it out if necessary. Let it dry. The sand it lightly. the soak the inside with melted Carnauba wax. He simply puts some flakes in and fills it up and puts it in a small oven, if I remember correctly it was 250 degrees but you might have to sneak up on the temperature. You want it just hot enough to melt it but not too hot. As it melts add more until the goblet is full. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then pour it out. Wipe out the inside and let it dry. This method has proved to not leak and not stain.
the other method not quite as good is to coat the inside with System 3 mirror coat, let it sit and then wipe it out.

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