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Don Stephan
In the last few weeks this was discussed extensively on the WoodCentral forum. There is an oft repeated guidelines of one year per inch of thickness. Until that discussion I was one of those repeaters. It was pointed out that local conditions can vary widely - average relative humidity, exposure to precipitation, exposure to wind, . . . - so air drying make take more or less than one year per inch. In addition, outside air drying cannot bring wood to a low enough moisture content to be used in a conditioned environment, such as in a residence or business.

Sealing the ends of solid blanks (boards, 2x2's and 3x3's, and similar with Anchorseal or a similar product helps reduce drying checks, and a moisture meter is the easiest way to determine when the wood has dried to a stable moisture level outside (in many parts of the US, 10-12%) to be brought into a conditioned space, and when the wood has stabilized in the conditioned space.

Alternatively one can record the weight of the wood monthly to determine when it has reached stable moisture levels.

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