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OT - Bird Patterns, how too?

Don Evans
Hi All:
I don't have any experience using professional patterns for carving. I decided I wanted to carve and paint some of the birds that come to our backyard feeders and bird baths.
So, I purchased a pattern from Woodcarvers supply and am puzzled because the pattern has a full view from the side but only left side views of the front and top down view is also half. Both of those are left side of the bird.
My confusion is not only why it's done this way but what is the best way to make the missing sides so the pattern can be used to mark the wood for band sawing?
Unfortunately I don't have a software program that will let me copy the left and then flip or reverse it making a duplicate for the right side.
I do have an area dedicated to drawing with a light table etc but that isn't the best answer to this problem. Manually copying the outside for band sawing is feasible but I'm think there has to be a better way.
Anyone been there and done this? How did you do it?
I do have one program on computer called "DrawPlus X8" but I cannot find anything in the downloaded manual about reversing or flipping. It does of course like lots of programs rotate an image.

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