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Last Weekend *PIC*

Don Orr
So I had a pretty good outcome last weekend at Totally Turning/Showcase in Saratoga Springs. I got a few ribbons on some of my pieces-2 3rd places and a 2nd place. Second place is for the Spindle Turning category-a red oak cylinder that was cut and reglued offset. A technique inspired by Keith Tompkins. I was told later the Nick Agar was quite taken with this piece. I was certainly surprised. It got a lot of nice comments at the show.

I got a 3rd place in the Bowl category with a simple spalted Maple bowl that was turned green from a chunk from a neighbors yard. Huge surprise to say the least what with all the spectacular bowls in the Totally Turning gallery. I guess sometimes less really is more.

The last ribbon was in the Shop Equipment category in the Showcase gallery ( separate from TT). My entry is a pair of replica Simonds #88 crosscut saw handles. I turned new wood for the handles and made new barrel nuts and used the vintage hardware. I put together a small display that included the old handle that I copied and the new pieces with a mock blade and info on the handles.

Overall a great weekend including some excellent demos by Mark Baker, Barbara Dill, and John Jordan.

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