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Hunter Osprey *PIC*

GaryG in MD
Even though I picked the #5 and back shoulder tool as my two recommendations in the recent thread, I also like the Osprey very much. I loaned it to a friend who is a part-time professional turner, and he was amazed by how well it worked on spindles. He turned a small box and some finials with it that didn't need sanding.

I like it as an instructional tool for teaching cutting (not scraping) to beginners. Here's one of my pupils -- my then 9- y.o. granddaughter working on her magic wand. I already had her up on a bit of a platform and was not willing to go higher for fear of her stepping off it, so the awkward arm angle was the result. She's getting taller. :-) No, she didn't do the handle layout -- I did that. One step at a time.

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