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wood for club auction *PIC*

John K Jordan
Sharpened up the bandsaw and fired up the dust collector.

Our Knoxville turning club is having the annual wood auction soon and I get to be the auctioneer again. (maybe because I can be loud) I cut a truck load of green osage, cherry, and ambrosia maple blocks, from 4x4 to 10x10, about 15" long as well as spindle squares and box blanks. I cut up the bigger stuff on the bandsaw mill. I made a bunch bowl blanks, some left square and others rounded. All waxed and ready to go. Other club members donate wood too, sometimes magazines, books, tools. I might take a few dozen farm eggs just for fun.

I added two tubs full of dry wood from my stash, some domestics like holly and dogwood, some exotics like ebony and cocobolo. I think we still have more of the big dry roughed out bowls that a woodturner's widow donated last year.

If you're in the area, come on down! (March 20.) If your turning club hasn't tried an auction, you might try it. This has been a huge success for us and it gets a lot of wood in turner's hands.

A little of the wood in last year's auction:


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