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Thank You All, for the different solutions to this project.
An adjustable sled riding on the bed of the lathe seems like a good project to expand on for other applications. I made a couple of proto-types and have moved towards a double ended juicer that
has a larger flat end that can juice a grapefruit and a smaller end that can juice a lemon. The larger
flat end will stand by itself in a plate or bowl while juicing the lemons, the smaller end can be held
with the hand when juicing a grapefruit. The first couple of proto-types I used a beading tool to cut
vertical rows of beads while the piece was mounted between centers. This tool works fine for juicing
the fruit, however if you are wanting the pulp from the fruit the longitudinal cuts in the tool would
increase the amount of pulp being cleaned from the rind of the fruit.

Another option I came up with was turning a ball between centers cutting vertical grooves across the
surface of the ball, locating the axis of the ball after turning it 90 degrees and remounting the piece between centers and turning a small round knob on the top half of the ball to use as a handle. rotating the piece 90 degrees provides the longitudinal cuts in the surface to scrape the pulp from the rind.

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