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Don Evans
Mike, make yourself a table that mounts in the banjo. Mine is made from a piece of 3/4 plywood laminate and a metal thing I cannot remember the name of but it is round with screw holes in it and the middle is threaded for a piece of pipe. Size the pipe for your banjo.
Now you need something that will spin a bit to cut the grooves and that will sit on the table you make and go to town.
Use you spindle lock to cut each groove.
Or you can do it manually with a carving tool!
Use your lathes indexer to mark for the grooves with a pencil on the toolrest.
Go to Harbor Freight and search for item 42831 this is the tool I purchased many years ago just to test this way of doing turned object with the intention if it worked I'd purchase a better one. Well surprise I'm still using this same one, I don't do this type of thing on many turnings but it works1

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