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john lucas
Ric for platters you can simply set the platter upright on the background and then support it with something heavier from behind. The trick is to set it about 4 to 6 inches behind and use a stick or dowel to prop against the platter. I use a half a brick that has been covered with tape to keep from scratching the back ground. Then I tape a stick or what ever is necessary to prop up the plate. Sometimes you have to tape the stick to the back.
To raise bowls for a set of bowls the best way is to place bowls behind and somewhat to the side of the front bowl. Then set whatever you use for a stand out of sight behind the first bowl.
It depends a lot on what you are using the photos for. To enter Craft shows its best to just use one really niece piece and not a group photo. It's much easier for the judges to see the details in one large piece vs a group of smaller work.
Here is an example of shooting a platter or wall piece using the prop from behind.

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