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John K Jordan
I'm terribly sorry to hear about your delusions, Jim. I guess we'll just have to exchange visits to sample the wares. I think pollo cardinali baked in a mushroom and heavy cream sauce in a deep cast iron skillet will be appropriate for when you come here.

Our personal family chef goes to great extremes including trips to foreign countries for cooking lessons. So far four in Italy including one at a friend's grandmother's house to learn authentic northern style German/Italian country cooking and one in the heart of Tuscany, fish and chips and an amazing strawberry cream dish from the west coast of Scotland. She not only gets recipes but methods and a bit of history of traditions. She comes back with local herbs, sometimes unavailable or incomparable to what we can buy here. Now she's planning a culinary expedition to selected villages in the countryside in Greece. Then I think it is somewhere in the Swiss alps, she mentioned Amsterdam, and then back to Venice in an attempt to steal their secrets of the world's best tiramisu - this may involve some bribes.

As for the brownies, I think part of the issue people may have with sticking to the pan is the recipe. We have transitioned from the very dark softer brownies to a slightly lighter style that maintains moderate central goo and delicately crisp edges - no sticking. I do like the looks of the pan you showed; I've just ordered one for evaluation by our kitchen research department.


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