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Jake niedling
Well I finally bought a couple of Mike Hunter tools at the TAW sysposium. I bought the # 2 osprey and a # 1 viceroy (1/2"). I know several folks like John Lucas, John K. Jordan and mike stafford talk very positively about the Hunter tools. So I finally decided to give them a try. Now I'm a pretty traditional turner and very efficient with skews and gouges. I haven't purchased any other carbide tools, since I think they are mostly sharp scrapers and I like to cut the wood. I have used both of the Hunter tools and have to say I was very pleased with the results. The osprey used in a bevel supported cut was very clean with no tearout even across the end grain. I'm still more effient & comfortable using my gouges but certainly see where these tools will be a great addition for getting clean cuts on difficult grain. There is a little learning curve to using the tools. I had to move the tool rest back a little bit from the wood when using the viceroy to get good tool support. . An found out, that you can get a catch with the osprey, if you allow it to cut on the side of the cutter rather than the nose. John Lucas has a couple of YouTube videos that I recommend you review to get a good start. Just wanted to share my experience.

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