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SketchUp for Designing Turnings

Charlie belden
A thread recently about how folks are designing pieces got me thinking about doing a video tutorial on how to use Google's free 3D drawing program SketchUp as a design tool. There are Mac, Windows and Linux versions you can download, install and start playing with. Now it has a lot of Whistles and Bells, so it may seem kind of intimidating. But you don't need ALL the features to design woodturning and the attached link to my video should flatten the learning curve so that in an hour you can design a couple of ideas, with an easy way to quickly create variations. Did I mention that if you save your work you can use a previous design as a starting point for a future design?


Comments, questions, suggestions, constructive criticism hereby solicited.

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SketchUp for Designing Turnings
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my initial thoughts *PIC*
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