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TAW symposium

john lucas
Man what a lot of fun. Met lots of new people and of course reunited with older friends. It is a great venue and plenty of seating although Mike Mahoney and Jimmy Clewed tended to pack the seating. Still there were empty seats so it was easy to see any demonstrator. I sat through 2 of Betty Scarpino's. Always enjoy her way of thinking. Mike and Stewart were always haggling each other which is really fun. Those guys certainly have fun together.
Had a tight budget this year so didn't buy a lot in the vendor area, but it was really tempting. I talked at length with the ACCU slice bandsaw guy. What a tool. A little on the pricey side but then there is nothing else like it on the market. Extremely accurate and well made.
also played with the Woodpeckers new carbide tools. They are polished on all surfaces and much sharper than the competitions.
Played with the GRex Airbrushes. I may have to save my money. I did buy some supplies from him but I like the way his air brushes work. One of my friends purchased his air compressor so we are going to run my Iwata side by side for a noise comparison. I think the Grex will win but it was pretty noisy at the trade show so it was hard to tell.
I read the list of demonstrators for next year but promptly forgot. I remember I was drooling. Tod Hoyer was one and I always like him. So save your money and plan to attend next year. I think you will enjoy it.

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