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John K Jordan
>>>I have Black Locust I want to turn for handles on some old chisels.
The moisture content is 19-24% in the pieces, most of them in the 22-24 range.
Should I dry them bit more and turn them to size or turn them now a little larger and adjust when dry?

I've turned spindles green and mostly there is just a little warping when drying. I haven't tried making tool handles though.

Do you know about the microwave drying technique? Basically you gently heat a piece of wood for a short time, then let it cool (and moisture escape) then weigh it. Repeat until the weight stabilizes or the wood is dry enough to suit you. This works especially well on tool handle sizes. I might turn them to rough size first to eliminate some of the wood.

I've done this to dry spindle turning blanks when I was in a hurry. It doesn't take long to get a small piece of wet wood hot. Getting it too hot is a problem because it can burn. Have to experiment to get it hot enough to steam but not burn. I think I used the defrost cycle with 30sec or so for small blanks.

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