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Glass Cannon
Thank you for that information, ben d.

I do suspect that the pulleys are worn out in that way, yes.
I am getting a very strong knocking/banging sound about 50% of the time that the lathe is being used, and it seems to be coming from the spindle pulleys (not 100% certain of that, but strongly suspect it).

I should note that I have completely stripped the lathe and lubricated all parts. I've even stripped all of the original paint, repainted it and replaced the original decals/stickers.
It looks very nice now, basically like a brand new one.

I realize that these lathes are not the latest and greatest, but I am very proud to own it, and would like to keep it for as long as I can.

I would love to purchase a modern lathe with electronic variable speed, but I simply cannot afford to do that.

I've very happy with everything about the 1442 (minus the Reeves drive) and I am hoping that a new set of pulleys will last me for quite some time. I have very little money, and cannot afford to replace these more than once or twice, I'm afraid.

I would love to convert the lathe over to a VFD setup, but I am hoping that I can get a few years out of the new pulleys and hold off on that plan for a while.

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