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Hunter Viceroy *LINK*

john lucas
Put them to the test this morning. I turned 3 platters. The first one was with my bowl gouge. The second 2 were using the Hunter Viceroy. What an easy tool to use. Won't take a huge cut but since it cuts in both directions it's very fast to shape the platter. After roughing and finalizing the shape I took several light passes with the speed turned up. With the bowl gouge I was able to finish it to the point of using 220 grit. With the Hunter I needed 150. It was actually closer to 180 with only 2 spots requiring 150 or a fair amount of time on the 180. A pretty clean cut but this wood will tearout pretty easily without a really good shear cut.

I think it was actually faster cutting the shape with the Viceroy. It also seemed to chatter less on the outer rim of the platter. I will be turning 5 or 6 more in the next few days and will probably do one with the Hunter Hercules just to learn the difference. I also think I can do a sort of bevel rubbing to control the thickness of the cut on the Viceroy. Not a tilted bevel rubbing cut like the Hercules but just swinging the tool left or right and using the metal below the cutter as a bevel. Sort of like when I use the Cutter guard on my 4" angle grinder as the bevel to limit the cut. I'll try to take a photo or may even try to do a video as a gain more experience with the tool.

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