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Re: Source for Indexing Plate for 1 1/4" Spindle *LINK* *PIC*

john lucas
I have 3. Apparently Flutemaster now carries the Ironfire yellow index wheel that I used for years. Excellent indexer and inexpensive. I also have the Alisam index wheel. Aluminum, very solid and has more options than the ironfire although both have holes the others don't have. It comes with a heavy duty index pin system that mounts on the lathe bed with magnets. Works great but screwing a screw in and out to lock the indexing didn't work for me. I built my own index locking system that is superior to all the others I think. I'll try to post a photo
The other system I use will do any possible number of combinations. It's just a disc. I mark off the index positions I want. The index lock is simply an L shaped thing that I can clamp to the index wheel using a spring clamp. You can go online and print out any number of index positions, print it off and paste it to the plate. I don't do that. I just use dividers to divide the circle into whatever number I wish and them make marks and simply clamp the wheel and lock together at those marks. simple. Inexpensive and works great. I'll take a photo later if your interested in that rig.
the first photo is my Alisam wheel with my metal spring index. The second photo shows my wooden spring index used with my Vicmarc chucks. On this one the index pin rotates to it will work in the Alisam or Ironfire index wheel or my chucks. Below is the index wheel printer site.

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