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Her 3rd experience at a lathe *PIC*

John K Jordan
Kristina had two lessons at the lathe a couple of years ago, one on spindle turning and one on face turning. Between her first college degree and vet school she finally had time for playing on the lathe again and wanted to make a present for her sister visiting for Christmas. After seeing things I had turned she decided she wanted to make a small "squarish" dished platter. Yikes. Sure, I said, piece of cake...

She proved to be the perfect student - she listened and actually did what I said! Zounds! We reviewed the techniques on a practice blank with several different tools. Then with a blank from 2" cherry I showed her how to use a screw chuck to hold and cut a recess, new concepts for her. She insisted on doing EVERYTHING herself, even at the bandsaw and drill press though they were also new to her.

I watched almost every cut and made suggestions as needed. Taught me something: she came up with her own technique to use the 14" Robust rest to slide her forearm to aid in making controlled cuts. During practice she liked the small Hunter Hercules tool best so she stuck with that for most cuts. She wasn't the least bit intimidated by cutting air. No mistakes, no catches, and no "design changes" (and no injuries!)

I was quite pleased with her tool control and the quality of the surface. I demonstrated how to use hand scrapers off the lathe to remove all the tool marks then got out a 3" random orbital pneumatic sander with some 320 paper. I couldn't believe a beginner was pickier than I am at sanding and finishing but she was! The photos hardly do the piece justice - the surface was flawless to my hand and eyes.

The piece took four sessions but it was done in time for Christmas! ("Danish" oil finish, 4-5 coats, wet sanded to 1000 grit.) She usually came in her "scrubs" after work.

If the girl ever finds more time for the lathe she might "turn" out to be quite the craftsperson/artist. But I guess shouldn't be surprised for someone who started college at age 13!

BTW, Kristina is a friend of and attended college with the girl showed making a wand in an earlier message and they both came for their beginner's turning lessons at the same time.
These two graduated #1 and #2 in their class. They are a delight to work with but when they are together I do feel a little dumb at times.

Good clean fun!


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Her 3rd experience at a lathe *PIC*
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