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Re: log hoist, possibly

Keith Newton
John, back before I mounted a 9000# winch on the front of my car-hauler trailer, and welded up a gantry type boom, guyed by chains. I was loading pretty large logs by myself by cutting a long slant on some of the larger limbs. I would than wrap a chain around the log, and use the truck to pull the log so it rolled up the slant / ramp, then out onto a flat. This would be near the center of balance of the log, leaving one end on the ground with the other up in the air. I'd then back the trailer under the high end, then put some lengths of 2" pvc under it for rollers. Then with a come-along, I could easily pull the log forward. The wedged log ramp can roll along the ground, until it bumps up agains the back of the trailer. Then it's time to pull the truck and trailer up to where the ramp-roller is half way out of the remaining length, then go back to pumping the come along. By the time it bumps again, it is all the way in.

Of course now, with the winch and boom, its easier both in and out. I can tilt the boom out over the back, then pull the logs out over the woodmizer and let the down on the bed.

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