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Re: Woodturning Vocabulary and Instruction

I find it interesting that experienced wood turners find certain terms or procedures hard
to understand. This usually indicates a lack of information in the terms used when developing
a written procedure. A well written technical procedure should be easy to comprehend by a
novice reading the procedure. The terms used in the procedure should be a universally understood
phrase and not a regional or "coined" term by an individual.

With the lathe running counter-clockwise, the turner has the tool grasped in his right hand with the
left side of the flute pointed at 10:00 o'clock position, when rotating the hand in a clock-wise rotation
you will be "closing" the flute. Rotating the tool in the counter clock-wise direction will open the flute
increasing the odds that the flute wing will "catch" or cut the wood.

"Closing" = Reducing the exposure of the gouge flute wing reducing its ability to cut or catch the wood.
"Opening" = Increasing the exposure of the gouge flute wing allowing it to cut or catch the wood.

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