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Riding the bevel - or Not?
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Riding the bevel ()

Doc Green
There is an easy test to do to determine if you are riding the bevel, no matter how small or narrow the bevel is.

If you are indeed riding the bevel, the depth of cut will not be sensitive to how hard you press the tool against the wood. The bevel prevents the tool from going deeper into the cut - up to a point: if you press really hard, the cut will deepen because you will be compressing the wood where the bevel is riding.

On the other hand, a non-bevel-riding cut will be very sensitive to the amount of pressure applied to the tool: light pressure gives a light cut; heavy pressure, deeper cut.

You may have observed that when shear scraping with the wing of a gouge in a non-bevel-riding cut, the depth of the cut is directly proportional to the amount of pressure you apply to the tool.

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