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Re: Woodturning Vocabulary and Instruction *PIC*

John K Jordan
I agree that the catch is because of the turner rather than the tool. If an experienced turner get's a catch he probably needs to slow down and perhaps review the basics.

The only time I've had a catch in years is when I'm not paying attention such as distracted by looking away and talking (I tend to do that when not turning in isolation...) or when I'm experimenting with a tool in a new or unusual situation just for the learning experience. I had one a few months ago while trying out a certain Hunter tool in an inappropriate orientation deep inside a piece. Learned from that!

I took a photo of Chris Ramsey's gouge. (Pretty poor cell phone photo, but hey.) I highlighted the bevel in red, about 1/16" wide.

I ground one like this (by hand) and it works well, easier to turn through a transition between the inside sides and bottom. I've been grinding the heel into a curve on gouges for a long time using the Tormek jig which makes it easy. My curves were not as extreme as the one we watched Chris grind.


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