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Re: Woodturning Vocabulary and Instruction

Bill Blasic
Have any of you seen Chris Ramsey or JoHannes Michelsen get a catch? Have you seen their grind? Said to be uncatchable. The triple bevel grind is as close as I'll ever get to these guys grinds as they do it free hand. When I teach I am telling my students that when cutting to the right (from the lip of the bowl to the center) the cut should start to take place a 1/16 or better from the tip of the tool and this results in the flute of the gouge pointing between 1 and 2 on a clock dial and cutting the other way from right to left with the cut starting on the other side of the nose at the same place points the flute between 11 and 10 and it is just the opposite for direction on the outside of the bowl. I cannot understand this open and closed thing here and on another forum. To me if the tool is on the tool rest and the flute is pointing toward the ceiling (12 on the clock dial) it is open and turning it left or right you are closing the flute. I think I will continue showing my students where the cut begins on the tool.

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