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Re: Woodturning Vocabulary and Instruction

john lucas
Well Don that is what I'm trying to do and it was suggested by the new editor of Woodturning Fundamentals (and I can't say who it is yet but it's really going to be good). Discussions about flute, and or flute shape are usually in each book about turning although sometimes it may just be short description when describing tools.

Flute shape doesn't matter when discussing open or close. The general consensus about this by educated teachers is that when the tool is not cutting the flute is closed. Such as when you are inside a bowl and the flute is pointing toward 3 oclock. The flute is open when the gouge is rotated so that the tool is cutting which means it's rotated CCW somewhere between 3 and 12. That's the definition I was looking for. Flute shape doesn't matter because this would be the same for a 1" wide relatively flat spindle gouge or a deep U shaped bowl gouge.

Rubbing the bevel can be hard for a beginner to understand but we have to start with a definition of the term. I just finished some photos to go along with that definition to try and help people learn. We are also trying to descibe how to measure the angle of a tool, and why this important to understand. Also how to set the grinder to achieve that angle. He asked a lot of good questions and I'm trying to answer them as best I can and if I don't know or need a clearer answer I ask on the forums to make sure we are all talking on the same page.

I do see a lot of demos where they guy mentions rubbing the bevel but then during the demo is not rubbing the bevel for some cuts. But at the same time, they volunteered to do a demo where the others guys just sit there, so their help is greatly appreciated. When I can I talk to them about this so that their next demo will be better and hopefully improve their turning experience.

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