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Re: Like any skilled trade, new vocabulary

When working within a trade it helps to have precise definitions and terms for various methods, words, techniques and materials used. Many of the trades used vague terms and many of these had regional origins which complicates the issue even more so. A number of the trade associations have spent the last decade updating and precisely defining words and definitions in the code books so they reduce the conflicts and misinterpretations when the codes are applied. This has caused 1000's of changes to the code books and
a learning curve for everyone having to use these codes. One of these trades had over 10,000 changes during one of the code cycles being published every 3-years. The latest code book has 1300 pages and the tradesman working in the trade need to know the information in these codes. Getting it right in the first place reduces all of the corrections later on when we have to correct our poorly worded and defined terms.

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