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Why I like the Hunter tools. *PIC*

john lucas
I turned this one yesterday. Maple usually cuts like butter. This did not. At first it cut like Black Locust or Osage Orange. But then it got to where it would dull my tools so fast I couldn't make more than a few cuts before you had fight it. That was with Thompson V11 gouges. I've turned aluminum that cut easier. Anyway I got out the Hunter tools. The mini Hercules was used for all but the bottom 1/3 of the inside. I got beautiful shavings and it left the surface clean enough to hit with 220 grit. Actually it was finer than that but I had 2 short streaks that needed the 220 grit with the lathe off to get rid of them. You can see in the last photo there were 2 circles inside that weren't perfect off of the final pass. This is before any sanding. Didn't see them until I set up the photo. I used the Hercules as a shear scraper and cleaned them right up.

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