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lee tourtelotte
Dale -- FYI
If you should venture north to Brisbane, about 10 hours by car, you could visit two great woodturning supply companies, Vermec and Vicmarc, both located close to each other in the Kippa-Ring industrial area, 30 minutes north of Brisbane, Australia. A small group of our Minnesota Woodturners club worked very closely this year with Vermec, putting together a group order of their extremely well made sphere turning jigs. Their people were extremely friendly, gracious and available to us, including their founder and president, Enzo Verrecchia. Vermec has a number of extremely innovative and high quality woodturning products, as does Vicmarc, world famous for their high quality lathes and chucks. I'm sure both companies would welcome you and encourage a stop by visit. You might want to check with them and look at their websites. (The present US-Aus dollar exchange rate is also in your favor, if you see something there to bring back and that you can't possibly live without !) Anyway, have a great trip!

Lee Tourtelotte

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