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Padauk phenomena

I have cut, glued up, turned and finished a 10.5" diameter segmented bowl. It has 48 segments per ring. Each ring is composed of Padauk, Purpleheart, and Cherry. The different woods produce a geometric pattern on the bowl. I have finished it with thinned Fast Dry Poly. About six or seven coats. Light sanding between coats. The segments were cut on a wedgie sled, using Jerry Bennett's technique (making a straight line on one face and a squiggly line on another face). That means, every other segment's outer edge is from the opposite side of the board once a ring is made up.
On some of the Padauk segments, something is wrong. I've never seen this before. The segment appears like it has not taken a finish. On some, the adjacent Padauck segment appears that it has taken a finish and the other hasn't. I can feel the change. The problem is isolated to only one segment (it does not cross the joint line). No other wood has this problem. The affected segment feels and looks dry (no sheen) and not slick like the others. This occurs on all rings at several, various/random places on the ring. It's not end grain.
Does anybody know what is happening?
Did i describe the problem properly?
Can it be fixed?


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