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JDS Air -Tech 750 ER

Among the things I must be thinking on, Shop Dust Collection is tops.
In 2006 my lathe was the Nova 3000, squeezed in the boiler room between the boiler and the fuel tank in a 10' x 12' room. Sanding was torture, with a full beard the respirators never did filter out the fine stuff, so I did bite the bullet and got a JDS Air -Tech 750 ER, Installed it on arrival and by chance, the plumber guy came to tune up the boiler when I was wiring the 750 ER. He did not let me complete the job saying that that unit was to overpower the blower in the burner and the flames could come out, as he did not trust me, he and his assistant took the unit down and put it back in its box and moved it to the wood shed.

Now that the new shop is up and have ample space and the boiler will be in it's own separate room, I will install the 750 ER right away to take care of the fine dust.

Where in relation to the lathe it should be? The shop space is about 2700 cubic feet and plan to hang a shower curtain to contain the shavings to a small area around the lahe.

Down the road I am thinking a cyclone. What is the foot print?

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