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water proof wood finish/stabalized wood follow up

Jeff luedloff
in my quest for stabalized wood (still haven't found what i'm looking for and not really interested in making my own blanks- Ithought stabalized wood might be the best option but haven't found 2" square yet and looking more for wood- not dyed wood-customer wants to keep the wood look but have it be more durable getting wet-

I'm really searching for a finish that will somewhat hold up in a warm damp environment- doesn't have to be water proof but will get wet and stay in a bathroom shower type setting-

I'm working on a prototype part for a guy and made the samples awhile ago-not really concerned with the finish at that time- so just used a couple coats of danish oil-he liked them so much he wants to move forward with the parts but the rough samples i made him show signs of mold-

any thoughts on a finish that might hold up placed in a shower-

thanks for all the advice and thanks for the links on the stabalized wood sources- i hadn't seen those before

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