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Jet Lathe Spindle

I am modifying a Jet Lathe JWL1236 China made knock-off lathe.
The lathe has an external 1x8 thread on the spindle and the opposite
end of the spindle has an internal thread that goes in about an 1-1/2".
Does anyone know off hand what the thread pitch is on this internal thread?
This would be where you insert your knock-out rod to push out the spur drive.

I am wanting to install a 2-1/2 HP DC motor on the opposite end of the spindle
and direct mount the motor shaft to the internal thread of the spindle. This will
do away with all of the reeves drives and pulleys which are now getting harder
to source all of the parts from the supplier these days.

The reeves pulleys are made of poor quality die-cast materials these days and
last about a year under heavy use.

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