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Bottle Stoppers Getting Stuck

Paul Grenier
I have a couple of places that buy my bottle stoppers and they are a good way to use up small good pieces of wood and get paid for them.
I have Ruth Niles mandrel and stoppers and I have a VERY difficult time getting them off of her mandrel when I've finished them. I've tried putting a 1/8" nylon washer between the top of the mandrel and the bottom of the bottle stopper and it's still VERY tough to get them to un-thread.
I've tried tapping the hole with Ruth's mandrel, since it's made to act as a tap, and them backing it out and inserting it again to make sure that the threads are clean.
If I'm doing a stopper out of cross grain piece of wood, then I'm more successful in not screwing up the threads. If it's end grain wood, then my success rate drops off a lot.
I'm using the drill bit that is supplied with Ruth's bottle stopper mandrel and since I haven't used a vernier to see the diameter of the drill, I'm hoping that someone at Ruth's place makes sure that the drill bit is the correct size.
Suggestions any one?

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