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What is the actual max core you have taken with a

Ron Bauer
I am curious about the maximum core anybody has ACTUALLY taken with a Oneway #4 knife on a 24" lathe. I currently use a McNaughton system with the "jumbo" knife for my large cores. Their site claims the following- " In fact, a 16" x 6" thick bowl blank can yield four or more bowls" . Presumably the ID of the cored mother can be 16" ID and 6" deep. The largest I have been able to take, with the knife extended beyond its maximum, is 14" ID and only 2 3/4" deep. I like the system in general for a lot of reasons but the small capacity is becoming a problem. Now about your actual experience with the Oneway. They claim a 16 1/4" capacity which I presume is ID of the mother. This implies a depth of ~8". Has any come close to these numbers in actual use?

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