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Alternative collet chuck set..... *PIC*

roger lance
A few weeks back, I asked for opinions of the Beall Collet Chuck and the PSI Apprentice Collet Chuck.

Since that time, I've been doing some research on those products and other alternatives. It became apparent that most of the available choices came entirely or mainly from China. So, after watching numerous YouTube machinist videos that featured collet chucks using a MT2, I began to look at products from China that fit my needs.

I came across the following set on Ebay.....

The set comes with a spanner wrench, 11 ER32 collets, MT2 chuck, and a storage case (drawbar is shop made). So far.....so good. Time will tell if the quality is there.....machinists in those videos seemed satisfied with this level of tooling.

Just another choice to be explored if you are thinking of getting a collet chuck.

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