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Performax 16/32 Transport Belt Recommendations

Thought sure I posted this here a few days back, I seem to have posted it everywhere else, to no good effect yet.

Anybody using a drum sander? I need a recommendations for a conveyor belt for my old Performax 16/32. I have fought for years with the normal belts, tracking issues, etc. I put a new one on a week ago, and it broke today. When I put that one on a week ago, I bit the bullet and spend $90 for one of the poly belts. So when this one broke today, I put the poly one one, and yes it tracks straight, but is so slippery that it will not pull wood through the sander. ???????? Sending it back, getting an overnight delivery of a conventional belt so that I will not be further stalled, but really looking for recommendations for a better belt.

Someone on the AAW Segmented Turning forum told me that the Poly belts have a release agent on them that needs to be scuffed off, so I canceled the return on that and will take the chance on scuffing it with my ROS and not being able to return it.

I did find that Industrial Abrasives will make belts for it in a grit of my choice for about $17 each, about 1/2-1/3 the price of most others, so I bought a couple from them, as well as some from FinTech abrasives for $28. We shall see.

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Performax 16/32 Transport Belt Recommendations
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