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Diamond hone, dry and wet

John K Jordan
Don, I do the same - I use the little Eze-Lap diamond "paddle" hones dry on turning tool edges, mostly the extra fine grit. I like the control I get holding it with my forefinger on the end - I find this much easier to control that the credit card size I started out with. BTW, these things are pretty expensive but I discovered I could buy them directly from the Eze-Lap company at a huge discount in quantity - I have a lifetime supply now.

I use the lapping fluid for the diamond honing "plates" - I special-ordered a variety of 3"x8" plates from Ken Rizza. I originally got these for lapping ceramic cutters for the livestock shears I use on the llamas and alpacas. The ceramic cutters last a lot longer than steel but they expensive and are throwaway when dull. A 1/2 hour with the diamond plates (with Trend fluid) and they are good as new. I also use these on my carving tools. I also use the Trend fluid on my 1200 grit CBN wheel on the Tormek when sharpening my spindle gouges.

BTW, Rizza also sells CBN honing plates. I bought some on impulse to try then had buyers remorse - when I thought of the reason CBN was better than diamond for high speed wheels (the heat) and the relative hardness of CBN vs diamond, I wished I'd skipped the CBN. I have a set of 6 CBN grits on three plates if anyone is interested, new condition! For now, I'm using them as weights to hold hair-thin wires in place to support small turnings for photography.:)


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