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new ornaments with chain *PIC*

john lucas
I was stuck in Walmart while my wonderful wife was shopping so I hung out in the craft area (DUH it's either there or the outdoor section) Anyway I had layed out a piece of ceiling fan chain to make an ornament with a chain finial. I saw the necklace chains and the crosses and I had to have them.
It's really hard to get the chain down a hole just big enough to fit so here's a tip. Hold the chain so about an inch hangs down. Then drip some medium CA on the last 1/2". spray it with accelerator. Now you have a stiff portion that's easy to get down the hole. Put some more CA on this section and then slide it in the hole and let it sit.
The one on the right end is an experiment and you will probably see more of those soon. Most of these ornaments are solid but I hollowed the Walnut one on the left end.

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