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renovating Powermatic 3520B *LINK*

I've got a question/quandary: I can purchase a Powermatic 3520B that has no motor/electronics because of heat damage. The lathe itself, the bed, the pulleys, etc, are still good, smooth turning, etc. It just needs all the electronics. The price for the lathe is only $400. My question is: is this a good deal, AND, how difficult is it to replace the "innards?" Where could I get an aftermarket 2hp motor, inverter, etc.? I haven't purchased yet, but it's only 3 hours from me, and it's a $4000 machine that I've been told I could have up and running for under $1000. Any ideas??? Feel free to email me offline also, if you like. I've visited here often, but I've never posted.

Here's the Facebook post where it's listed:
Powermatic 3420
New Hope, AL
Have a Powermatic 3420 for sale, that has smoke damage and heat damage from an adjacent room fire. Motor and all electronics were destroyed. Lathe bed and headstock are ok with some smoke damage. Pulleys are good, no distortion. Was going to rebuild myself, but just don't have the time.
Price is $400 firm.

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