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Re: Diamond card Lube and cleaning

Chuck Engstrom

I'm going to disagree about "never use a diamond stone dry." The Alan Lacer 600-grit hone I bought at the Louisville Symposium in 2006 continues to be plenty effective in refreshing an edge without any lubrication; yesterday it was in my hip pocket at an outdoor festival here in Maryland where I used it several times rather than stop longer to go to the grinder. The gouge was always more friendly when I came back to the wood.

I won't argue that dry is better or that wet is worse, only that after eleven years of almost all dry use, it still seems as good as new and remains a primary tool in my kit. Wet may in fact get a better result for sophisticated analysis, but dry does work well for me and I don't want to oil up my hip pocket.

Cheers -- Chuck

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