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Re: Fidget Spinner al la Woodturning *LINK* *PIC*

Ed Davidson
Thanks Don. I use a Lindow/White rose engine for the carvings. Had it for about 10 years...link below to the engine maker's site.

Also about 10 years ago, I commissioned an east coast glass artist to make 100 round dichroic glass cabochons for me. Still have 50 or so left, each one with a different design. I've used them sparingly over the years...just too nice to put on anything that's not really special. Decorating the underside of these yoyo display stands with one-of-a-kind cabs and some rose engine embellishments is a nice surprise effect that my customers like.

The blue-dyed and stabilized Boxelder side caps were originally intended to be knife scales. They were CA glued to the yoyo's Osage body sides, then turned on the lathe.

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